North Sea Screen Partnership

Background and Aim

NSSP aimed to support the development of existing North Sea Region clusters in film/TV/interactive media sector through transnational working within and between clusters to build the capacity of companies, particularly SMEs, to compete more effectively and to encourage investment outside of metropolitan areas where historically wealth creation/employment has been focused.

NSSP aimed to:

  • Establish a transnational network and locations database to identify existing industry resources to assist production companies in locating and working with indigenous companies, as well as partner search for North Sea Region companies. It promoted the North Sea Region as a hub for media production through more efficient delivery of services to incoming production and improved productivity by indigenous companies.
  • Establish a business development platform engaging North Sea Region screen agencies, policymakers, business support agencies, educational institutes, research centres, media companies to network, identify best practice and deliver workshops and master classes to raise skills levels and promote knowledge transfer.
  • Raise skills of current and potential workforce via mapping/benchmarking industry learning provision and delivery of a transnational work and training exchange schemes.
  • Establish a transnational advanced research centre in media productions techniques to act as an interface between research and industry and support technology transfer to companies.

PROJECT DURATION: 2008-10-01 - 2013-03-31
ERDF GRANT: 2,767,894.00 €
ERDF EQUIVALENT: 187,343.00 €
LEAD BENEFICIARY: Dundee City Council, UK
PROJECT HOMEPAGE: www.northseascreen.eu