Climate Adaptation Mainstreaming through Innovation

  • CCC

    Creative City Challenge

  • ClimaFruit

    Future proofing the North Sea berry fruit industry in times of climate change

  • CLUSTER: DANS Cluster

    Digital Agenda for the North Sea


    Digital Agenda for the North Sea: Orientation towards New Innovation

  • E-CLIC

    European Collaborative Innovation Centres for broadband media services

  • ERIP

    European Regions for Innovative Productivity

  • GreenGrowing

    Reduced energy use in the North Sea Region horticultural greenhouse industry

  • IFP

    Innovative Forsight Planning for Business Development

  • NMU

    Northern Maritime University

  • North Sea Supply Connect

    North Sea Supply Connect

  • NSSP

    North Sea Screen Partnership

  • Opening Up (OUP)

    Opening Up

  • POWER cluster

    Developing the North Sea Offshore Wind Power Cluster

  • POYO

    The Port is Yours


    North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities