Adaptive and Sustainable Water Management and Protection of Society and Nature in an Extreme Climate

Background and Aim

To adapt to climate change, reduce risks and protect society and nature in a more extreme climate.

Technical investigations, modelling and prediction tools with focus on transboundary regions:

  • Field investigations in pilot areas developing new techniques focusing on determining the effects of climate change on the quantity and quality of groundwater systems and ultimately surface water, wetlands and water supply for drinking water and irrigation. Existing data was reused where possible.
  • Develop and deliver new groundwater related geophysical methods.
  • Modelling and prediction tools innovated on different scales for sustainable management of the environment in selected regions seen in relation to to the Water Framework and Groundwater Directives and the associated guidelines. 
  • Analysing and defining areas of the region that are vulnerable to the forced leaching from point sources and agricultural sources in a new climate regime.
  • Demonstrate how effects of different climate change scenarios will affect spatial planning and technical engineering in the North Sea Region. 

Responsiveness and adaptation:

  • Establish and facilitate a working process in regional and transnational boards being contact points where results of the project are delivered and the process towards adaption to climate change is focused, initiated and continued.
  • Identification and elaboration of the challenges and solutions for engineering design of buildings, roads etc. Delivered through network of experts in boards.
  • Identification and deliverance of new measures to relevant authorities.
  • Active communication of the results of the project and adaptation process by use of webpage, communication plans (newspapers, TV stations) and conference in conjunction to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen 2009.

PROJECT DURATION: 2008-09-01 - 2012-03-01
ERDF GRANT: 2,750,063.00 €
LEAD BENEFICIARY: Region Midtjylland Jord og Råstofer, Denmark