Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies

Background and Aim

ITRACT aimed to:

The aim of ITRACT was to create sustainable and inclusive regional economies and communities throughout the North Sea Region by improving the virtual and physical modes of transport through innovative technologies.


A number of areas within the North Sea Region are located at a distance from the main economic agglomerations of their countries and lag behind in terms of socio-economic development. Key elements in development are connectivity and accessibility. In line with the European Commission strategy document “A sustainable Future for Transport – towards an integrated technology-led and user-friendly system”, the ITRACT project aimed to improve those capacities through innovative transport and communication concepts. Thereby it also contributed to the Digital Agenda of Europe 2020.

Physical transport and good virtual communications were both regarded as important to reduce the social and economic exclusion of remote areas.

Within the triple helix of business, governmental, and knowledge institutions, the project developed an information architecture and ran pilot actions in order to create standardized technical procedures for efficient and user-friendly transport services.

PROJECT DURATION: 2012-01-02 - 2015-03-31
ERDF GRANT: 2,037,922.00 €
ERDF EQUIVALENT: 200,400.00 €
LEAD BENEFICIARY: Hanze University Groningen, UAS, The Netherlands

Information Hub

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ITRACT Good Practice Guide 2015
BPG Dynamic scheduling and incentivizing strategies for sustainable transport WP8 ITRACT
BPG Information architecture and exchange mechanisms for efficient transport concepts WP4 & WP7 ITRACT
BPG Transnational business models for ICT based transport services WP3 ITRACT
BPG User empowerment workshops for ICT applications WP5 ITRACT
ITRACT Report Regional Development and Connectivity: a Digital Perspective WP6
ITRACT Policy Briefing: Further Strategies for Smart Specialisation of the North Sea Region WP10
ITRACT Policy Briefing: Sustaining accessibility and connectivity in remote rural areas: transnational issues from ITRACT (WP6)
Brochure ITRACT
Business Innovation Workshop Yorkshire Dales
Data Maturity Model utilization
Toolbox for analysing consumers, target groups, challenges and conditions
Toolbox results East-Groningen The Netherlands
Toolbox results Friesland Germany
Toolbox results Rogaland Norway
Toolbox results Varmland Sweden
Organization model for pilot development Germany
Organizational Model for Pilot Development Yorkshire Dales ShareRoute
TestingSmartMap ITRACT
ITRACT Routing vehicles with inventory constraints
Usability Guideline Checklist ITRACT
User Empowerment Workshop Yorkshire Dales Journey Planners Guide
User Empowerment Workshop Yorkshire Dales
ITRACT apps & pilots overview
Results ITRACT 1
Results ITRACT 2
Roll Up ITRACT 1
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