Sustainable Coastal Development in Practise

Background and Aim

SUSCOD aimed to make a step change in the application of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). In doing so, coastal potentials (economic, social and environmental) could be utilized to the full advantage and broader support for coastal management measures could be secured. SUSCOD brought together partners that wanted to change this through a well coordinated transnational team approach. The new tool was based on the EU's ICZM principles and built on the work of the EU ICZM expert group.

Central to SUSCOD was the development of a practical tool, the ICZM-assistant, and its introduction to potential users and demonstrated value at test locations. Existing tools that assessed the state of ICZM were of ex ante and too much of that which was scientific in character. The development process applied and tested the assistant in a variety of pilot situations and it allowed coastal developers to assess their project at any stage in the development process to determine points of attention to ensure the fully integrated development of their project.

The principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, as adopted by the EU Council and Parliament (May 2002), should in theory help to find such positive solutions. Although these interventions have offered opportunities to realise the full development potential of the areas concerned, in practice a fully integrated, holistic approach has rarely been taken.

PROJECT DURATION: 2009-09-01 - 2013-12-31
ERDF GRANT: 2,254,052.00 €
LEAD BENEFICIARY: Province of North-Holland, The Netherlands