Waterways for Growth

Waterways for Growth: Sustainable Development of Inland Waterways in the North Sea Region

Background and Aim

The aim of the project was to develop a transnational framework to coordinate the sustainable development of inland waterways at national, regional and local levels throughout the North Sea Region.

The framework focused on three key areas of activity: (1) business and product development, (2) waterway regeneration, (3) sustainable management of the waterway resource, in terms of the natural environment, sustainable transport and built heritage. The development of the framework was supported by means of a series of practical measures and pilot actions to further the economic and sustainable development. Evaluation of the pilot actions contributed to development of the framework and led to further practical actions for taking the sustainable development of inland waterways forward and suggesting priorities for future funding and investment in the sector.

There is growing interest in revitalising inland waterways as a catalyst for economic and social development and area-based regeneration. Waterways support economic growth in two ways: through businesses activity (including recreation, tourism and transport) and through providing attractive places close to where people live and work, linking towns and cities with their surrounding countryside.

PROJECT DURATION: 2009-01-01 - 2012-12-31
ERDF GRANT: 1,663,342.00 €
ERDF EQUIVALENT: 133.219,00 €
LEAD BENEFICIARY: Canal & River Trust
PROJECT HOMEPAGE: www.waterwaysforgrowth.eu

Information Hub

Waterways for Growth FINAL REPORT
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The social economy and the stewardship of waterway corridors
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Focal Service Points Guide (design description)
Focal Service Points Guide 1 (general plans)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 2)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 3)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 4)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 5)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 6)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 7)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 8)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 9)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 10)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 11)
Focal Service Points Guide (plan 12)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e1 Floor plan)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e2 facade)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e3 facade)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e4 perspective)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e5 perspective)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e6 perspective)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e7 site plan)
WfG Focal Service Point (Plan e8 site plan)
Bingley Five Rise leaflet
Bingley Five Rise - how to use the App with the leaflet
Erica - Ter Apel restoration - presentation
Bradford Canal restoration Masterplan - presentation
Smartphone App useage Scheldeland - presentation
WfG Newsletter No 1
WfG Newsletter No 2
WfG Newsletter No 3
WfG Brochure (Part 1)
WfG Brochure (Part 2)
Social Economy case study - The Oosterdel area, Langedijk
Potential collaboration for Organisations post WfG ("The Innovation Hub")
Branding & Cross promotion between partners
Cultural heritage & natural environment opportunities
WfG Yachting Handbook
WfG Summary - as presented at the Final Conf Oct12
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