Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency, Advantages and Sustainability

  • BEPPo

    Blue Energy Production in Ports

  • CARE-North

    Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies for the North Sea Region

  • CARE-North+

    Carbon responsible transport strategies for the North Sea Area - CARE-North plus


    Energy Vision North Sea Region


    Maritime Transport Cluster

  • CNSS

    CLEAN NORTH SEA SHIPPING: Competitive Marine Transport Services AND Reduction of Emission - a North Sea Model

  • Cruise Gateway

    CRUISE GATEWAY - towards sustainable growth of cruise shipping in the NSR

  • Dryport

    Dryport - a modal shift in practice

  • E-Harbours

    E-Logistics in NSR Harbour Cities

  • e-harbours movement

    Smart Energy Logistics in harbours

  • E-Mobility NSR

    North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR)


    Estuaries on the Move

  • Food Port

    Food Port - Connecting Food Port Regions - Between and Beyond

  • GreCOR

    Green Corridor in the North Sea Region

  • GSA

    Green Sustainable Airports

  • HyTrEc

    Hydrogen Transport Economy for the North-Sea Region


    Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies

  • iTransfer

    innovative TRANsport Solutions for Fjords Estuaries and Rivers


    LO-PINOD - Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development


    North Sea Freight and Intelligent Transport Solutions

  • NSF

    North Sea Fish: innovation from catch to plate

  • StratMos

    Motorways of the Seas Strategic Demonstration Project

  • TEN-TaNS

    TEN-T and the North Sea Region