Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency, Advantages and Sustainability


    A North Sea Way to Energy-Efficient Regions

  • Aquarius

    The farmer as water manager under changing climatic conditions

  • BEPPo

    Blue Energy Production in Ports

  • Biochar

    Climate changing soils


    Bringing Land and Sea Together

  • BwC

    Build with CaRe - Mainstreaming Energy efficiency in the built environment

  • C2CI

    Cradle to Cradle Islands

  • CA!

    Coast Alive!


    Climate Adaptation Mainstreaming through Innovation

  • CARE-North

    Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies for the North Sea Region

  • CARE-North+

    Carbon responsible transport strategies for the North Sea Area - CARE-North plus

  • CCC

    Creative City Challenge

  • ClimaFruit

    Future proofing the North Sea berry fruit industry in times of climate change


    Adaptive and Sustainable Water Management and Protection of Society and Nature in an Extreme Climate

  • CLUSTER: DANS Cluster

    Digital Agenda for the North Sea


    Energy Vision North Sea Region


    Low Carbon Regions in the North Sea


    Maritime Transport Cluster


    A cluster Project on Water management in a changing Climate, Adaptation to new conditions, and Promotion of new strategies

  • CNSS

    CLEAN NORTH SEA SHIPPING: Competitive Marine Transport Services AND Reduction of Emission - a North Sea Model


    Clean North Sea Shipping - Improved dissemination and impact

  • CPA

    Climate Proof Areas

  • Cruise Gateway

    CRUISE GATEWAY - towards sustainable growth of cruise shipping in the NSR


    Digital Agenda for the North Sea: Orientation towards New Innovation


    Demographic Change: New Opportunities in Shrinking Europe

  • DiPol

    Impact of Climate Change on the quality of urban and coastal waters

  • Dryport

    Dryport - a modal shift in practice

  • E-CLIC

    European Collaborative Innovation Centres for broadband media services

  • e-CME

    e-CME Ballast Water

  • E-Harbours

    E-Logistics in NSR Harbour Cities

  • e-harbours movement

    Smart Energy Logistics in harbours

  • E-Mobility NSR

    North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR)


    Estuaries on the Move

  • enercoast

    BlueGreen Coastal Energy Community

  • ERIP

    European Regions for Innovative Productivity

  • Food Port

    Food Port - Connecting Food Port Regions - Between and Beyond

  • GreCOR

    Green Corridor in the North Sea Region

  • GreenGrowing

    Reduced energy use in the North Sea Region horticultural greenhouse industry

  • GSA

    Green Sustainable Airports

  • HyTrEc

    Hydrogen Transport Economy for the North-Sea Region

  • iAge

    iAge: e-inclusion in Ageing Europe

  • IFP

    Innovative Forsight Planning for Business Development


    Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies

  • iTransfer

    innovative TRANsport Solutions for Fjords Estuaries and Rivers

  • LNS

    Living North Sea


    LO-PINOD - Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development


    Mapping and communicating marine energy potentials

  • MARE

    Managing Adaptive Responses to changing flood risk in the North Sea Region

  • MP4

    Making Places Profitable - Public and Private Open Spaces

  • NMU

    Northern Maritime University

  • North Sea - SEP

    North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning

  • North Sea Supply Connect

    North Sea Supply Connect


    North Sea Freight and Intelligent Transport Solutions

  • NSBWO - North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity project

    North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity

  • NSF

    North Sea Fish: innovation from catch to plate


    North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning Potentials Leading to Utmost Success

  • NSSP

    North Sea Screen Partnership

  • Opening Up (OUP)

    Opening Up

  • POWER cluster

    Developing the North Sea Offshore Wind Power Cluster

  • POYO

    The Port is Yours


    Protect and Prosper - Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea

  • SAWA

    Strategic Alliance for integrated Water Management Actions


    Stimulating Enterprising Environments for Development and Sustainability


    North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

  • StratMos

    Motorways of the Seas Strategic Demonstration Project

  • SURF

    Sustainable Urban Fringes


    Sustainable Coastal Development in Practise

  • TEN-TaNS

    TEN-T and the North Sea Region

  • TIDE

    Tidal River Development

  • Vital

    Vital Rural Area

  • WaterCAP Hub

    WaterCAP Communication Hub

  • WaterCAP-Taskforce

    Matching Needs and Knowledge in NSR within Water and Climate Change

  • Waterways for Growth

    Waterways for Growth: Sustainable Development of Inland Waterways in the North Sea Region